Our Approach - Adapt technology and work smarter.

Our founders worked with Home Inspectors and their businesses, both large and small, for over 30 years to bring them the help, knowledge, business systems and reports they needed.

The home inspection business was rapidly changing as we entered the 21st Century. Computers were appearing in business and many inspectors began to use computer programs that could assist them in operating a business or writing their home inspection reports. Yet the era of "Web enabled" applications and services to support them remained out of practical reach.

In 2010 the technologies came together and our new and spirited group began a full fledged drive to create a truly visionary offering for every Home Inspector, both new and old. In 2012 My iReports was introduced to some very skeptical folks at ASHI's Inspection World.

Today, the skeptics are gone. We are the technological leader in Home Inspection Reports. We are the only truly "Cloud Based" system providing online and offline software to operate you entire business, no matter the size.

Work from anywhere, at anytime, on your computer and on any web capable device.

The least expensive.

We stand ready to show you why we are the least expensive, complete, versatile, useable, easily learned, fast, and above all, time saving and profit making of any company that offers services to Home Inspectors. We are humble about our beginnings, but not about our offering.