How much does it cost for 1 inspector?

Each inspector in your company must have an account with us. The standard cost for 1 inspector in a company is US$66.00 per month.

We also have special price considerations for new customers. See the full information on our "Prices" page. <Go to Prices>

How do I start using your service and reports?

To get you "set up" requires us to customize our reports and website to suit your use. That will require information and images (pictures) from you that we will use to custom your reports. Once we have those materials and you have made a payment for your first month of service, we will begin your "set up".

We always try to complete your "Set up" within an hour or so, but that depends upon the work load in our design group. We should be able to advise you of the approximate wait time.

When we have you "set up", you can begin using the reports. We will email you with instructions and your private login information within minutes of finishing your "set up." You can learn more at our "Steps" page. <Go to Steps>

Do you offer any "special deals"?

We offer a 50% price reduction to NEW first time subscribers for their first month's subscription.

Also, we take into consideration the customer's status relative to being a startup company or a recent graduate from a Home Inspection Training program. We evaluate these based upon the individual case. If you wish to be considered, you should call us at 703-434-0395 or use the "Contact Us" page. (If you wish us to call you, please include your information and time of day that we may call.) . <Go to contact us>

Can I purchase a stand-alone version of the report software?

Presently we only offer "Software as a Service" (SaaS). We do not sell products of any kind. Our Service does allow downloading of reports to your Windows 10 computer for your use in doing your inspection report. Downloaded reports are "stand-alone" files that are used offline with InfoPath. There is no additional fee for this, and there is no limit on the number of reports you download.

What if I decide I don't want to continue using your services?

Simply allow your subscription to expire at the end of the current month. There are some things you should do prior to stopping our service. Be sure to download any of the content that you may need. At the end of the current month, you will lose access to your account and will no longer be able to download content.

If you have prepaid for services beyond the end of the current month, you must notify us by sending an email to: prior to the end of the current month in order for your account to terminate at the end of the current month. When we have been properly notified, we will refund any monies due you. Refunds are credited to the same credit card that was used to purchase our service.

Any of your inspection reports that were submitted to our sites for your customers to view, will remain on the sites for at least 90 days following the date of the of the inspection.

Does this service provide a method of booking and scheduling inspections?

These functions were built into our system from day one. You can even have the system automatically send a reminder email to everyone who is attending the inspection and notify you when its time for you to be on your way to the inspection site. Oh yes, it even displays a map showing you how to get there. On your computer, mobile device or smart phone, you are able. 24/7/365

What about booking and scheduling for multi-inspector companies?

You bet we can. The only difference is that these companies usually have one or more Customer Service people doing the work of booking and scheduling the inspection appointments.

Anyone who is subscribed to My iReports can book and schedule for anyone that is subscribed to My iReports. It is as easy as sharing your calendar with the subscriber you select to do the work.

These are only two of the many very useful features included in our system.

Can multiple inspectors be used as a team at the same house?

Sure. Each inspector can work on a report for the house on their own device. Once the inspection is complete, the lead inspector can quickly and automatically merge them into a single inspection report. Professional reports are quick and easy to automatically produce and deliver.