FIRST POINT: YOU GET IT ALL. You do not have to purchase any apps for your phone, mobile device (tablet), laptop or desktop computer. All apps, programs and software needed to use this system are provided with your subscription. (Period)

If you have a computer or mobile device, you can use our home inspection report software on Mac, Windows, Google Chrome or Linux.

The only thing you need is a browser such as: Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. We also recommend a Windows 10 capable computer to use at locations that are not accessible to Wi Fi or an Internet connection. To work offline, Microsoft InfoPath is required to open and edit a report.

InfoPath is a free download.

Click here to download yours.

Customize the design of your home inspection report software to enhance your Brand recognition.

You can select from materials that we have created for you to design thousands of possibilities, or you can supply your own artwork, images, text or logos.

Home Inspection Reports can include photos, clipart, video, infrared images and nearly any digital media type you can imagine.

Include as many images as you need. Just be mindful of size. High resolution images create large image file sizes. These can slow down the time it takes to browse a report. Also, remember that if you wish to email your report, your service provider may limit the size of file that you can attach. For the best professional results, keep your media lean and clean. We find that image resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels is more than adequate for most needs. Smaller image size is preferred.

Most Home Inspection Report Software formats include many other features that can be activated on the fly at any time.

Each home inspection report includes an "Admin" screen. Any features that are available for that report format are controlled from there.

Typical features that may be available are an assortment of report color schemes to coordinate with the colors of your report's images, and there may also be a selection of report styles.

Include your Standard of Practice.

If you follow a Standard of Practice (SOP), you can choose to have us include a link to the entire SOP text and include a condensed version of the SOP within your report.

Use the Home Inspection Report Software anywhere or anytime.


On site, at home, in the office, or anywhere you are.

Deliver the report.

Your reports will be instantly available online the moment you click "Submit", after all, your report resides online in the Cloud.

Cloud based reports are designed and intended to be viewed online in a web browser to take full advantage of the features and ease of viewing. You can also deliver your report via email by attaching it in PDF format or if the need arises you can print a single page or the entire report.