Welcome to our Portal to "Practice Reports"

Where you can use our home inspection reporting software "online."  Yes, it is FREE to use.

While the "Practice Report" has most of its features enabled, you will not be able to use it to provide an actual home inspection service. It is intended to be used as a training tool to familiarize yourself with the report and how to record the information necessary to complete a professional home inspection.

Note: On the Invoice/Receipt page, you will encounter some "dropdown boxes" and "pick lists" that don't contain any data to select. The data is missing because this report is not yet assigned to an inspector's data.

You are welcome to create as many reports as you wish. Use this area of our site as much as you like and as often as you like. You may create as many home inspection reports as you like. Just understand that we will eventually remove them to make room for newer ones.

TIP: To save a copy of the report, select 'Save As' and assign it a file name.

To "Practice" with the Home Inspection Report Software, you will need to be redirected to our "Practice Report website".

To access the website, you will be required to login by providing a User Name and a Password.

Please use the following information to access the site:

User Name:  practice@myireports.com
Password:  Getdown1

Make a note of the above information then click the following link to be redirected: PRACTICE

Remember, if you assigned a password to a report, you will need that password to re-open the report.

The following section provides the details of what to expect after you link to our Practice Website.

1. The login screen

You should complete the login screen using the information shown in the green callouts.

Practice login
Practice Rept Library zoom

2. The "Practice Reports" Library screen

Once you click "Sign In" (Seen in the image above), you will be switched to a screen similar to the image to the left of this text.

This is the Library of report documents. Here you may open an existing report or start a new report.

To open an existing report, click on its LINK located in the column beneath the "Name" column header. Example: Carl Coggins place

To start a new report, click on the

"+ New" link.

A new screen will appear that is similar to the image below.

3. Create a new report for the Home Inspector named: practice@myireports.com

You need to type in: "practice@myireports.com"
(don't include the " marks)

Then click the yellow button (ENTER).  Your new report login screen will appear as shown below.

Practice Rept - create new

4. Click the Green "Password is correct!" button to continue with completing your new report.