Use the Home Inspection Report Software LIVE online.  Free!

There is nothing like 'test driving' the report to get a feel for it. We have set-up a test track (a website) where you can put it through the paces.

While the software has most of its features enabled, you will not be able to use it to provide an actual home inspection service. It is intended to be used as an opportunity to familiarize you with the report and how to record the information necessary to complete a professional home inspection. This will allow you to explore the full features of the Home Inspection Report as well as get some experience with the libraries, which contain the links to reports and information about each report.

NOTE: On the Invoice/Receipt page, you will encounter some "dropdown boxes" and "pick lists" that don't contain any data to select. The data is missing because this report is not yet assigned to an inspector's data. You can type the information if you wish.

You are welcome to create as many reports as you wish. Please feel free to use this area of our site as much as you like and as often as you like. You may create as many home inspection reports as you like. Just understand that we will eventually remove them to make room for newer ones.

TIP: To save a copy of the report, select 'Save As' and assign it a file name. Should you receive a warning dialog - you can ignore it and save your file. The warning is there to let you know that the report cannot be submitted to the public website unless all the mandatory fields have been completed. (this report does not go to the public website)

To access and use the online reports, you will need to be redirected to our SharePoint© website where you will need to login by providing a User Name and a Password. (Its a SharePoint© requirement, not ours.)

Please use the following information to access the site:

User Name: practice@myireports,com
Password: Getdown1

Make a note of the above information then click the following link to be redirected to our SharePoint© website.
Click here to Practice using the Sample Report.

You should see a page similar to the one shown below. Fill the areas as shown.

Practice login

Link to pages from a finished Home Inspection Report.

If you just want to view some pages of a completed report sample, click on one of the links below: (Use your browser's BACK arrow to return to this page OR use the 〈 BACK | NEXT 〉 links, located near the bottom of each page, to move from page-to-page.)