To view a Home Inspection Report, you will need to be redirected to our "Reports" site. To access the site, you will be required to login by providing a User Name and a Password.

Please make a note of the following information to login and access the site:

User Name:
Password:  Viewer02

Click the following link to be redirected: REPORT 

Remember! You will also need your Report ID and Password to the Report that you wish to view.


The following contains some information and images that explain what you will encounter after clicking the above link.

1. The Welcome screen appears


Clicking on the link to "Home Inspection Reports Library" will take you  to screen 2, where you can locate and view your report.

2. The Home Inspection Library screen appears.

NOTE: This Library changes in appearance and content dynamically as time progresses. It will NOT appear exactly as shown in the following image.